The General Land Board (GLO) oversees and administers land and housing loan programs for our Texas Veterans. The GLO’s outreach and service to our veterans, however, needs serious improvement, as do its interest rates and benefits. I’ll secure the necessary changes to assure that our veterans are housed as they deserve. Our Texas veterans have earned such respect and benefits, nothing less will do. We Texans asked our veterans to put their lives on the line to protect our homes, families, and way of life. As Commissioner of the GLO, I'll assure that we house and assist our veterans more than ever before. We’ll take this critical responsibility off the GLO’s back burner and ignite the fire for positive change. We owe our Texas Veterans no less.

At my campaign’s opening in front of the Alamo, a combat-decorated Marine led the pledge of allegiance and in addressing our crowd broke into a heart-felt, tearful prayer for our state’s band of brothers and sisters, our veterans and active military personnel, because he had just returned from burying yet another homeless Texas veteran. We must and can do ever-so-much better. Our Texas Veterans deserve no less.

First, the GLO needs a stronger voice to issue a clarion call for greater, more diverse, and more competitive loan rates, housing benefits, and assisted-living facilities. I’ll do that. No one else has even pledged to do so. And I’ll get it done. Our Texas Veterans deserve no less.

Second, we’ll expand the GLO’s outreach communications so that more veterans can learn about the programs of our Veterans Land Board that operates under the General Land Board. How many veterans even know about it or its diverse programs? Far too few! The incumbent brags about a good Website, but a good website doesn’t translate into a good homesite for our Texas Veterans. I'm an IT engineer and manager. I'll launch a campaign to touch all veterans providing them with information on our state assisted loan programs for (a) land, (b) homes, and (c) home-improvements. They exist already, but I'll improve them and their available rates. For example, the land loans are at 7.25%, above the bank rates for land purchases. We offer a break on the money down, but those rates are too high! Our Texas Veterans deserve no less from us.

Third, the GLO offers Texas Veterans and their spouses skilled long-term care assistance through its Texas Veterans Home Program, but the GLO’s attempt to provide this assisted-living is highly insufficient. Across the entire state, the GLO has only eight long-term care facilities. Moreover, given the number of homeless vets, the backlog at VA hospitals, and the cost and waitlists at rehabilitation clinics, the GLO must do more veterans in need. I pledge to fight with all my might to increase our number of facilities and to give assisted care to our aging and disabled veterans who have given so much for us. Our Texas Veterans deserve no less.

Our Texas veterans put their lives on the line to protect our homes, families, and way of life. How can we do less? Our Texas Veterans deserve no less.