Transparency is the gold standard of good government. It’s required to keep the government honest, fair, informative, and above reproach, which in turn engenders public trust. A fundamental principle is that the press and public should have access to the deliberations and dealings of government. At present, we need much greater transparency in the General Land Office (GLO) as serious transparency problems have persistently erupted under the incumbent GLO Commissioner George P. Bush from the start of his term until now. Bush has not conducted GLO business in a transparent and open manner, and it’s cost our citizenry dearly.

Bush started his GLO leadership in a highly questionable way when he immediately terminated long-term GLO employees and paid them hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars inappropriately as “hush money” to hide his actions from the public, to stop law suits, and to enable him replace the fired workers with family friends and contributors. And his behavior has continued to fail the smell test for transparency in government. Recently, he tried to establish a non-governmental committee with himself as chair to manage the Alamo “redo,” therein evading mandated government transparency and creating conflicts of interest via designs and procurements. Texans deserve more and better-- competence, expertise, openness in governance, and long- term solutions. Tex is running to provide these as Commissioner of the General Land Office. Tex’s GLO team will operate with full transparency in administering the GLO, which he feels is a cornerstone of good government.