Tex Morgan

Early family photographCarl “Tex” Morgan was born October 20, 1979, to Dr. Meredith V. and Emily Morgan in Houston, Texas. He spent most of his childhood wanting to become an astronaut, as many Houston children did.

By the age of two, Tex was diagnosed with epilepsy, and though he did overcome the illness, Tex fought an uphill battle against his brain for 10 long years during which he lost out on most of what would be considered a normal childhood.

Eager for her son to develop a love for the environment and respect for the state’s natural resources, Tex’s mother enrolled him in Cub Scouts, and he followed the scouting path from Bobcat to Eagle Scout, eventually earning the God and Life Award. Tex particularly enjoyed hiking with fellow scouts in West Texas, sailing in Corpus Christi and canoeing down the Frio River.

Tex attended the Briarwood School, which helped him overcome many of the learning delays he suffered due to epilepsy. Later, Tex was able to move into public school during his middle years and finally attended and graduated from college preparatory school at the Kinkaid School.

Kinkaid football photographAs you may have noticed, Tex is quite a tall man. After a series of successive growth spurts, Tex grew to 6'1: by the 7th grade. Many asked him if he had interest in basketball, but by the time he hit high school at his full height, football had become his sport of choice. His senior year, the football team went undefeated for the second year in a row. Carl Morgan’s high school football success became “Tex’s” gateway to football success in college.

In his freshman year at Hobart College, each player was asked to introduce himself and give his home state information. Carl Morgan got as far as saying he was from Texas, when someone said, “Well Howdy Tex.” And the name stuck.

Tex spent three years at Hobart and earned his BS in Computer Science with a minor in Physics before being accepted into the 3-2 program at Columbia University -- a program where students spent three years at a liberal arts school and two at an engineering school, then graduated with a degree from each. Tex’s time at Columbia University Fu School of Engineering and Applied Sciences was short-lived: he finished his BS in Computer Engineering in a year and a half. Tex spent a few years working for a financial software company before returning to graduate school to get his MBA in Finance, Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship from Baruch College Zicklin School of Business.

Tex now lives in San Antonio, a city he loved the first time he visited in 7th grade. Tex joined the coworking space, Geekdom, where he immediately found his niche. Geekdom provided Tex a space to not only grow as an engineer, but also to mentor new programmers and help the work community thrive.

MLK MarchA year later, Tex was asked to join the VIA Metropolitan Transit Authority board, where he served as trustee until he resigned to run for statewide office. While attending the closing celebration of Dreamweek as a VIA trustee, Tex met his lovely girlfriend, Annie. They now live together with their rescue dog, D’janga, a Ridgeback mix, and can be found either training for the next Tour du Rouge or hiking together on the weekends. “Our goal is to hike every state and national park in Texas,” Tex said.