Hurricane Harvey

Houston Skyline at Night

Hurricane victim relief has been handled poorly by General Land Office (GLO) or the FEMA/GLO partnership under any measure. Tex will lead effective disaster relief AND create long-term solutions combating the ill effects of global warming.

We shall efficiently restore destroyed properties, building up, smart, and sustainable structures, while buying out many homes built on areas that perpetually flood. We shall adopt a comprehensive plan for flood, hurricane, and storm risk management and ecosystem restoration along our Texas coast. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers should complete its important report in mid-2018. We’ll publicize its findings and have a call to action on pressing matters needing prevention reform and attention.

We shall abate further destruction of and begin to reclaim our wetlands, marshes, prairielands & floodplains and restore rookery islands, sea-grass beds, and oyster reefs. We shall build the Coastal Spine and add some curved wooden sea walls to cut storm surge. We’ll restore, add, & expand dunes, beaches, and possibly some strategic groynes. We’ll attack dead zones with water mega-pumps. We’ll engineer and require more porous, permeable parcels. In addition, Tex will initiate a state civilian conservation corps to assist in innovative conservation efforts in our state, Tex wants to “Make Texas Greener.” These are a few of Tex’s longer term solutions through projects that need to begin now under proper GLO leadership.

Tex Morgan will deliver this leadership and activism.